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About Us

We are a small Bengal Cattery located in South India. We were fascinated by Bengal Cats as soon as we heard about the breed. We finally found our beautiful kitties in Russia, and fell in love with them!

Now they grace our home in Pondicherry | Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

Our mission is to further improve the Bengal breed. Jean Mill, an American cat breeder and a conservationist who developed the Bengal cat breed, wished to create a cat that looked like a mini leopard.

We carefully researched the breed, and meticulously chose our cats to enhance the desired features to create a baby leopard for your home!

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Bengals are a hybrid between the Asian Leopard Cat & an Egyptian Mau.


Bengals are partly wild cats that have been domesticated and have exotic wild leopard like markings, a velvety soft coat that shines like glitter.


Bengals are large, active, athletic, curious cats that are also very intelligent, sweet, loving and loyal.  


They are short-haired cats, that are easy to maintain with minimal shedding.

Bengal Cat Character

Our Lovely Cats

Take a look at our beautiful cats - We have one male and three female purebred Bengal cats. All four of them have been imported from Russia to India. All of our cats are registered with World Cat Federation and Feline Club of India with pedigree certificates that include - Five generations of purebred Bengal bloodline. 

Tropical Garden

Our Values


Raised with Love

Having only four cats lets us show love and attention to each one of them on a daily basis. Our cats and their kittens have  been trained to love cuddling. We hope and expect you to take care of your kitten in the same way. Your kitten will be a loyal furrever friend!


Cageless Happy Home

Our cats are raised as indoor, cage-free  cats, with plenty of outings and stimulation. We live in Auroville that has a lot of greenery and wildlife. Our cats love looking out of the window during the day. They have ample space to play and socialize with each other.


International Pedigree

Our cats have pedigree certificates that details five generations of their ancestors. This ensures that your kitten will not have an inbred gene pool. Inbreeding is the root cause to many diseases. With our cats, you can be sure your kitten has a happy, healthy bloodline.

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